add a whole new dimension to your creativity

Sprout is now a fully integrated desktop 3D scanning solution with 3D object capture, editing and multiple streamlined 3D print options. Now anyone can grab something from the real world, manipulate it in the digital world, and bring it to life in physical space.

how it works

1. grab

scan the sculpture

Use Sprout’s Illuminator with Intel® RealSense™ technology to scan an object in 3D.

2. mash

add your own design

Reimagine objects in the digital world by resizing or adding new design elements.

3. make

"print" your customized creation

3D print your creation at home or through one of HP’s print service partners.

full 3D object capture

incredibly easy

3D scanning is fast and easy on Sprout by HP. With just a few taps, Sprout’s 3D Capture app creates a high resolution, full color 3D digital model that you can manipulate any way you choose. The optional 3D Capture Stage automates most of the process, delivering better, faster, and more consistent 3D scans.

from physical to digital

Simply place an object on the touch mat and tap the scan button. Sprout activates the Intel® Realsense™ 3D camera, touch mat, and additional cameras and sensors in the Illuminator to capture a 3D color image of your object. Follow the simple guided instructions to rotate and capture your object from multiple angles, and watch as Sprout combines the images to build a beautiful, fully editable 3D model before your eyes.

a complete revolution in 3D scanning

The 3D Capture Stage makes 3D scanning with Sprout even easier. Place an object on the stage, hit scan, and watch it go to work. The 3D Capture Stage automates a full 360-degree scan, rotating and capturing your object in just the right position. An automatic 15-degree tilt ensures all aspects of your project are captured to perfection.

reimagine the world around you

design in full 3D

Once you bring an object into the digital world, you can reimagine it however you want - rotate, shrink, stretch, or combine with other 3D objects to give your creation a whole new life. Sprout works with third-party programs like Microsoft 3D Builder and Autodesk® Meshmixer, giving you the ability to manipulate 3D digital objects in limitless ways.

rotate, shrink, stretch and combine

Use Microsoft 3D Builder, Autodesk® Meshmixer and more to edit your scans Clean up models by smoothing and simplifying Automatically repair models to make them printable Merge, intersect or subtract objects from each other, or slice them into pieces

create like never before

let your ideas take shape

Share full 3D images of your creations online, or better yet, connect to a 3D printer like Dremel’s Idea Builder to create a physical model right before your eyes. Don’t have a 3D printer? Don’t worry. HP is partnering with a network of print service providers to allow you to easily print your 3D creations for delivery by mail.

Dremel 3D Idea Builder

Dream on. With the Dremel 3D Idea Builder, you’ve got the power in your hands to create anything your home or the world has been waiting for. Whether you want to build something fun or functional, the 3D Idea Builder can get you there. Easy to use straight out of the box, you’re ready to start building anything you need, anything you want, or anything the world has been waiting for.